Green Power Technology--Micro-computerized center-surface slitters & rewinders,shaft-less hydraulic loader,die-coating equipment,hotmelt adhesive dispensers & laminators.

Green Power Technology was founded in 1996 and reorganized in 2008 as a manufacturer and exporter of roll-to-roll film processing equipment and peripherals for the paper, copper foil, and printing industries.

The company's product line encompasses micro-computerized and automatic center-surface slitters & rewinders, shaft-less hydraulic loaders, hotmelt adhesive dispensers & laminators, slitters, die-coating equipment, and self-adhesive tape converters, among others.

To meet customers' demands for quality, user-friendliness, and functionality, Green Power works tirelessly to innovate and enhance its products. It has introduced slitting and rewinding machines and roll-to-roll winding/unwinding equipment for low-tension (1kg), high-speed work on film as thin as 20μm, including copper foil, PI, FPC, and PET. For wet processing, there are etching machines for thin and electro-plated copper, and developers. AOI, VRS systems, and exposers are available for dry processing.

Green Power's R&D team constantly focuses on innovation and technological development to better serve customers, and works closely with local universities and high-tech firms to develop die coating equipment and roller lamination technology.

Green Power has built a solid reputation for customer-satisfying service, specialized technology, and top quality, and has earned the confidence of customers from all over the world.